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Top-Notch Krav Maga Facilities in Virginia Beach & Chesapeake

Whether you are looking to get in shape, learning to defend yourself standing up or surviving the ground our Krav Maga instructors are here to serve you. We’ve seen it change lives and we’ve seen it save lives. Changing Lives Krav Maga serves Virginia Beach, Chesapeake, Suffolk and Norfolk. Servicing and supporting our local community members, law enforcement and military members.

LainaLee Rambow

LainaLee Rambow

Owner/Chief instructor

LainaLee Rambowstarted her martial arts career in 2008 after her father passed away. She became very angry and emotional. Her mother and stepfather thought the best course of action was martial arts. It changed her life. She fell in love with the art and is determined to give others the opportunity to as well. She is here today as a 4thdegree black belt mid-terming towards her 5th degree black belt. LainaLee is very committed to helping her students reach their goals and has goals of her own of becoming a Master in the ATA. As our chief instructor,she creates a curriculum that engages and challenges each student in a different way.

Meet Our Instructors

Matthew Guse

Matthew Guse

Matthew Guse

Operations Manager

Shannon Guse

Shannon Guse

Shannon Guse

Program Director

The Benefits of Learning Krav Maga

The ability to defend yourself

The ability to defend yourself in a highly effective and simple manner in any kind of situation, including harassment and threat on the streets. We cannot behave like ostriches and bury our heads in the sand to ignore the reality of the threat in the world these days. Krav Maga will enable you to remain safe and even help your fellow beings.

Become fit and in-shape in a short span of time

Krav Maga is physically very demanding and will help you lose that excess weight, acquire lean muscle, tone your body, improve your strength, flexibility, stamina and make you feel and look invincible

Manage stress

Help you manage stress by reducing the tendency to feel fearful and anxious. Krav Maga teaches you how to survive stressful situations while also teaching you how to function under pressure. It develops toughness both internally and externally. It is a great stress buster due to its high-energy requirement.

Improve your self-confidence

Improve your self-confidence through developing your instincts and making you fit. Krav Maga trainers always keep you motivated and make you achieve your desired goals, which in turn is a great confidence booster.

Gain self-discipline

The basis of any kind of discipline is self-control and Krav Maga teaches you just that. Through regular training, you will achieve the power to control your mind and body in a way that was never possible before. As movements become more and more reflexive, the focus is entirely brought tothe control of the mind that manifests itself in all the other areas of your life.

Our Martial Arts Team Takes Great Pride In The Reviews We Receive

See What Our Community Members Say About Our Programs

Kevin M.

I started in the Krav Maga program and loved it so much I signed up for the Taekwondo as well. Instructors are 1st class and create a great atmosphere! Each student gets one on one focus to make sure they are progressing towards their next belt test. The classes are fun and energetic while still teaching discipline. I highly recommend Taekwondo with this organization!

Jackson K.

As a police officer, a huge part of the job is staying in shape. I started taking Krav Maga classes, which is great for mental awareness and defense tactics as well. Krav Maga is also great for self-defense, useful to those who like to feel safe and in control during any real world situation. I strongly encourage those in law enforcement to get enrolled.

Shanda P.

For our daughter, we always want the best and thats is something we feel she is getting with her martial arts training. She enjoys it for the friends she’s made through it and we love it because of the life skills she is learning. Great for self-confidence, respect and personal protection, she really has benefited and in the two years she has been reaching new heights through the belt ranking system!